The Doppelgangaz

  1. Rapamycin 2:47
  2. Beak Wet 2:53
  3. Suppository
  4. The Gods
  5. Pack Kevorkian
  6. Like What Like Me
  7. NY Bushmen
  8. Doppel Hobble
  9. Us 2 Da Man
  10. Hat Shake 2:41
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From parts unknown dwell the ghastly duo. Matter ov Fact (emcee) & EP (emcee/producer) were sent down to earth as the last two descendants of The Rap Lords. After word spread of their rugged sound, multi platinum producer Darrell “Digga” Branch quickly caught wind of the groggy pack and signed them to his Six Figga Entertainment imprint. No word has been said to confirm their whereabouts, but they are known to terrorize New York City, popping up randomly at venues to smoke mics

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Клип The Doppelgangaz - Rapamycin


Клип The Doppelgangaz - Beak Wet

Beak Wet

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