1. One Life 3:44
  2. Lorene 3:19
  3. We Should Be Together 3:25
  4. I Will Follow 4:14
  5. Town's Fair 3:25
  6. One Way Wind 3:29
  7. Where Have I Been Wrong 5:14
  8. Lonely Nights 2:17
  9. Don't Know Where To Go 2:52
  10. Lonely Walk 6:19
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Исполнителей под названием The Cats несколько:

01) The Cats (1966–1979) were a rock band from Volendam, The Netherlands. Together with BZN, they were key figures of what came to be called the Palingsound (eel-sound), an umbrella for artists residing in Volendam (the country's top seafood city).


02) EDM проект The CATS основан в 2012 году и представляет собой сплав самых громких
BASS направлений: Dubstep, Brostep, Trap, DnB, Progressive Electro.
The CATS работали на одной сцене с мировыми звёздами электронной музыки: Skrillex, Datsik, Xilent, 12 planet, Flux Pavilion, Borgore и др.
На данный момент, «The CATS» о...

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Клип The CATS - One Life

One Life

Клип The CATS - Where Have I Been Wrong

Where Have I Been Wrong

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