The Beautiful Girls

  1. In Love 3:08
  2. Bring Me Your Cup 4:12
  3. So It Seems 4:22
  4. Dela 3:42
  5. After All This Time 3:47
  6. Girl, Lately Things Have Been Changing 3:56
  7. I Thought About You
  8. Let's Take the Long Way Home 3:03
  9. Morning Sun 4:57
  10. My Mind Is An Echo Chamber 4:39
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The Beautiful Girls ("Красивые девушки") – группа из Австралии. Играет мелодично и экспериментально. Недавно был тур по Европе, довольно успешный.

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Клип The Beautiful Girls - In Love

In Love

Клип The Beautiful Girls - Bring Me Your Cup

Bring Me Your Cup

Клип The Beautiful Girls - Dela


Клип The Beautiful Girls - After All This Time

After All This Time

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