The Basics

  1. Have Love Will Travel 2:51
  2. Roundabout 2:57
  3. Did I Ever Stand A Chance? 3:05
  4. Tunaomba Saidia 3:36
  5. Every Part of Me 3:19
  6. Call It Rhythm And Blues 3:04
  7. Hey There! 2:37
  8. (Love, Love) Speak To Me
  9. The Two Words
  10. Don't Ask Me Why (Home Demo)
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The Basics are a three-piece band from Melbourne, Australia, formed by Wally De Backer and Kris Schroeder in 2002. Their style has been described as anything from 'indie-pop' to 'rock'n'roll' to 'pop-rock', though their records show they span a wide range of genres, including reggae, ska, country, and electro-pop. They are "recognised as one of Australia's hardest-working bands".

With close to 1000 shows in their ten-year career, their live performances are well-known for their sense of humour and energy

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Клип The Basics - Have Love Will Travel

Have Love Will Travel

Клип The Basics - Hey There!

Hey There!

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