The Acid

  1. Basic Instinct 4:51
  2. Tumbling Lights 5:42
  3. Feed 2:16
  4. Ghost 4:08
  5. Clean
  6. Animal
  7. Ra 3:22
  8. Red
  9. Veda 5:11
  10. Fame 6:02
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The Acid are a band consisting of the British DJ and record producer Adam Freeland, the Californian producer, composer, professor of music technology, Steve Nalepa and the Australian, Los Angeles based artist, RY X, who is also one half of 'Howling' with Frank Wiedemann.

On April 14, 2013, the band released their debut self titled EP, along with a video for the track "Basic Instinct".

On July 7, 2014, the band released their debut album entitled Liminal on Infectious Music (UK) and Mute (US).

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Клип The Acid - Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

Клип The Acid - Tumbling Lights

Tumbling Lights

Клип The Acid - Feed


Клип The Acid - Clean


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