Task Horizon

  1. Sadistic Safari
  2. 6th Day | Bass Sector
  3. Dharmakaya Light
  4. Far Away
  5. Flame Fetish
  6. Focused Locust
  7. Ghost In The Shell 2.0 - Original Mix
  8. Humongous Fungus
  9. Ocean of Sound
  10. Robotoddler
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.. Task Horizon was originally founded by producers/DJs Aaron von Schroeder and Jonas Ullmann in the romantic environment of a ramshackle music studio on the first floor of an abandoned (and happily disintegrating) factory for sewage pipe coatings in the outskirts of Zürich/Switzerland. Accompanied by frequent electrical setbacks, heating system failures and rodent invasions, the first TH tracks saw the light, often aided and abetted by professional synthesizer player Tim Kleinert, who had his practice room downstairs.
After Jonas split and moved to the UK in order to embark on his successful career as Uman, Aaron relocated his studio to more inviting premises and continued as Task H...

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