Taras Bazeev

  1. Brood 2:27
  2. Hole In The Sky feat. Mariya Bonasera
  3. Balloon 4:33
  4. Inmost 4:33
  5. Book Of Eli (Original Mix)
  6. Last Year 65:13
  7. Kods 4:23
  8. May Be 8:26
  9. Feel Me 5:35
  10. Free
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Taras Bazeev

DJ, Sound Producer

As Taras Bazeev was 20, he realized that Music is his destiny.
Passion for Music became the crucial factor in Taras Bazzevs life. Due to the written tracks Taras Bazeev became popular far beyond the borders of the Ukraine as a musician whose musical ambitions do not fit within a single style.

Learning and loving all the musical styles, Taras produces the releases of Trance/House/Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep/Chillout.

Fruitful work was repeatedly awarded through the good feedbacks from such world-famous DJs like Sander Van Doorn, W & W , Sean Tyas , Claudia Cazacu , tyDi, Niklas Harding,Suzy Solar, Matt Darey, Anna Lee et...

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Клип Taras Bazeev - Book Of Eli (Original Mix)

Book Of Eli (Original Mix)

Клип Taras Bazeev - Free


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