1. I Am Techno
  2. New Day
  3. Release Me
  4. Diamonds In The Sky [Mix Cut] - Original Mix
  5. Flaunt It
  6. In the Air
  7. See Me Run
  8. Party Rockin'
  9. Been A Long Time 2:44
  10. It Ain't Easy
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TV ROCK kicked off their career by breaking all records with their debut single 'Flaunt It' feat Seany B. The record sold close to double Platinum singles, screaming to the #1 spot for five weeks and spent the longest time in the top 10 ARIA charts EVER - pipping Silverchair for the honour! To cap off this stellar start, TV ROCK recently won two ARIA awards at the 2006 event for best dance release and highest selling single. With a wealth of experience rocking the dancefloors across the globe, TV ROCK is a collaboration between two of Australia's highest profile DJ/Producers Grant Smillie and Ivan Gough. It is safe to say that TV ROCK is the hottest production outfit in Aus...

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Клип TV ROCK - Release Me

Release Me

Клип TV ROCK - Flaunt It

Flaunt It

Клип TV ROCK - In the Air

In the Air

Клип TV ROCK - See Me Run

See Me Run

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