1. Prints Of Whales (feat. PB Kaya) 5:36
  2. Ventura
  3. Don't You Know
  4. Prints Of Whales
  5. Malindi
  6. Hide From You
  7. Eat Your Friends
  8. Vegas
  9. Mi Destino
  10. Yours
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This is where we have to write a few words about TÂCHES the artist, and probably something about the artist’s background and birth-place and also add a wealth of information about where he was bred, the word ‘bred’ being used as if TÂCHES were a foal or calf or some sort of baby animal, because there’s this underlying idea in the music industry that everything an artist has ever done in his life or seen or eaten or touched will affect the music he will make in the next 74 years. We’re not sure if you’re actually interested in any of these for TÂCHES but if you are, we decided to make it really simple and short as this is already paragraph-length and we actually still haven’t revealed anyt...

Полная биография


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