1. AMO - Restation
  2. Ara
  3. Pain
  4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back T
  5. Pain feat. Chris Brown - Best Lo
  6. t
  7. All To Well
  8. Forget me now
  9. Bring It On Now
  10. 22
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Born and based in Germany, Thomas Thielen (SCYTHE) is the person behind the two albums so far released under the project name t. Initially a keyboard player, he started taking piano lessons in 1980. One year prior to finishing those he joined a band in 1992. Although that experience apparently was rather uneventful, it lead to Thielen changing his choice of main instrument; and during his tenure with this group he decided to start learning the guitar.

Soon after he joined a blues band as bassist; but that did not last too long either. It was a useful experience nonetheless; as the lack of rehearsing, planning and innovation led Thielen to want to do the exact opposite in his music. ...

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Клип T - Ara


Клип T - Pain


Клип T - We Are Never Ever Getting Back T

We Are Never Ever Getting Back T

Клип T - t


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