Synthetic Substance

  1. Free Fall 3:52
  2. Eternity 2:56
  3. Fallen 4:44
  4. Fulfilment Moment 4:30
  5. Littoral Twilight 5:52
  6. New Harvest 5:11
  7. Nostalgia 6:04
  8. Secrets 4:20
  9. Sleepy Court 2:27
  10. Smell Of Innocent Spirit
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Hard work and determination in most cases is what sets the world a part from those who lead and from those who follow, and a sheer passion and love for what you do, ultimately creates that defining factor. This is exactly the type of thought process that exists in the mind of Synthetic Substance (aka NuOne), which has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Not only is his music considered in the top of some of the worlds biggest satellite radio stations such as Sirius and XFM, but he is also working on his second album and has not even celebrated his 18th birthday yet.

Born in June of 1990 in Szczecin Poland, Synthetic Substance (Tomasz Los) finished his 1st degree in piano at t...

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