Stuey Rock

  1. Shinin
  2. You The One [Prod. By DJ Spinz]
  3. Atlanta Lights
  4. Don't Lie
  5. Lil Freak
  6. Nuthin Iz Impossible
  7. Pussy So Good
  8. Turn Down For What
  9. Tryna Fuck
  10. Smart Girl
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Rock was born and raised in a middle class neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up, he has always had an interest in music but his main hobbies were mostly sports. As Rock got older, his love for music continued to grow and he eventually acquired a skill for Dj’ing. Although Rock listened to and appreciated legendary Hip Hop artists such as Biggie Smalls and Tupac, he had a very eclectic ear for music. Aside from Hip Hop, he also liked to listen to artists such as Linkin Park, Green Day, Good Charlotte and Gym Class Heroes. Rock’s diverse music preferences play a major factor in his very different and creative musical style.

As time passed on, more opportunities became avai...

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Клип Stuey Rock - Atlanta Lights

Atlanta Lights

Клип Stuey Rock - Smart Girl

Smart Girl

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