Straight Flush

  1. Don't Stop The Party
  2. I Could Be The One
  3. Let's All Chant - Rob Mayth Mix Edit
  4. Lets all Chant 3:38
  5. Scream & Shout
  6. She's Got That Light
  7. What Makes You Beautiful
  8. Let's All Chant (Radio Version)
  9. Let's All Chant (Extended Version)
  10. Let's All Chant (Elektrofachgeschäft Mix Long)
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One of them is the german group Straight Flush by Michael Scholz, Rolf Köhler and Birger Corleis, they released a single in 1984, with the name "Dancing In The Sunlight", it include the songs, "Dancing In The Sunlight" and "Lucky In Love".
The members of this band tried to release a new single, but then they joined to the proyect Modern Talking, with Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders, making with them many successful albums.

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