Story's End

  1. To The Bitter End 3:29
  2. Love From Somewhere 4:02
  3. Turning Point 3:11
  4. The Truth 1:03
  5. Reason for Now 3:30
  6. Oh, the Insanity 3:46
  7. Monster Meat 3:38
  8. Fading 4:02
  9. Endless 5:13
  10. The Trith, Part II
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Where one story ends, another begins. For Michael Folds, Dan Lacey and Troy Wickliffe of Orlando, Fla., the three ambitious young musicians put behind them the bands and projects of the past to begin anew with the unbridled rock and roll of their new dynamic trio, Story's End.

The three members draw from diverse yet universally respected influences–Dan, on bass, was brought up in the jazz and American folk rock traditions, while drummer Troy was a disciplined member of the drum corps, effectively forming a melodic yet decidedly precise rhythm section. Lead vocalist and guitarist Michael firmly roots his writing, singing and playing in pure American classic rock.


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Клип Story's End - To The Bitter End

To The Bitter End

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