Stereo Express

  1. La Vie En Rose (Leesa Remix)
  2. Stranger
  3. Shadoorack (Dan Caster Remix)
  4. Bootaleeza - Original Mix
  5. La Vie En Rose (feat. Orlando) (Rene Bourgeois More Rum for the Ska Pirates Mix)
  6. Cooking with Izolda
  7. Alive (feat. Fynn)
  8. Aquiver (Original Mix)
  9. Sweet Dreams - Original Mix 6:34
  10. Black Snake
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Sexy, soulful, uplifting and organic…
That's only a couple of words how to describe the music of Stereo Express.

With his unique musical vision, he works together with professional musicians and vocalists to ensure his organic and groovy sound.

Stereo Express share a fresh view on the evolving tech, deep & minimal house scene. As dj and producer his acoustic sound with soul, swing and motown influences will take this branch of the electronic music tree to the next level!

With his Slow Express project together with partner and friend Slow Mo, he combines what he already did with the more deeper and nasty sounds.

Stereo Express promises you an aw...

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Клип Stereo Express - Sweet Dreams - Original Mix

Sweet Dreams - Original Mix

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