1. Monster 3:45
  2. Salvation 3:55
  3. Before The Storm 1:15
  4. I am 4:28
  5. Fallen 3:58
  6. On the Surface
  7. 13 Years 3:30
  8. Dead Inside 4:15
  9. Face The Pain 3:19
  10. House Of Cards
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STEMM penned the UFC theme song, Face the Pain 8 years ago branding the Hard Rock act as The Soundtrack to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. After years of independent success, STEMM has returned with their sophomore effort, Cross Roads through Catch 22 Records.

A taste of Active Rock / Satellite Radio success and 150+ road shows supporting their previous release, Blood Scent seems to have brought STEMM’s song writing process for Cross Roads to a maturity level loaded with an interesting blend of groovy guitar riffs, beats and vocal hooks with an intensity comparable to Alice in Chains, Pantera and Stone Sour.

STEMM is a proven survivor in a sea of ‘flash in the pan’ succe...

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Клип Stemm - Monster


Клип Stemm - Fallen


Клип Stemm - 13 Years

13 Years

Клип Stemm - Dead Inside

Dead Inside

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