Stefanie Heinzmann

  1. The Unforgiven 3:33
  2. On Fire 3:31
  3. Stranger In This World 3:59
  4. Only So Much Oil In The Ground 3:27
  5. Roots To Grow 3:25
  6. Diggin' In The Dirt 3:33
  7. Stain On My Heart 3:10
  8. Numb The Pleasure 2:56
  9. Xtal 3:13
  10. Diggin' In The Dirt 3:33
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Stefanie Heinzmann (born March 10, 1989 in Eyholz, Valais, Switzerland) is a Swiss soul singer. She gained public interest in early 2008 when she won SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD, a talent contest hosted in Stefan Raab's Late-Night-Show TV total on the German ProSieben network.

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Клип Stefanie Heinzmann - The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven

Клип Stefanie Heinzmann - On Fire

On Fire

Клип Stefanie Heinzmann - Stranger In This World

Stranger In This World

Клип Stefanie Heinzmann - Only So Much Oil In The Ground

Only So Much Oil In The Ground

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