Stealing Eden

  1. Thrown Away
  2. All I Need 3:54
  3. Just Not Me 3:53
  4. In Your Eyes
  5. Right In Front of You 1:53
  6. Better Off 3:41
  7. Where We Belong 3:17
  8. The Way I Feel 2:51
  9. Too Late 3:36
  10. Calling Out 3:07
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The maturation of vancouver’s Top Ten finalist Severfuse has emerged with a new look, new sound and new singer. Former Severfuse members Jeff Horan, Sean Sali are joined by Max Whyman, Monty Lang and Noise Therapy’s Dave Ottoson to form Stealing Eden.

Since fronting Noise Therapy (redline entertainment) Ottoson has been working as a Producer and an A/R rep for Moshpit Productions. However his hunger for making music persisted and met Severfuse and starting writing immediately.

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Клип Stealing Eden - Thrown Away

Thrown Away

Клип Stealing Eden - All I Need

All I Need

Клип Stealing Eden - Just Not Me

Just Not Me

Клип Stealing Eden - In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes

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