Stars In Stereo

  1. The Broken 3:40
  2. Wasted
  3. Dream On (Aerosmith Cover)
  4. All Together 3:21
  5. Echo 3:20
  6. Every Last Thing 3:49
  7. Leave Your Mark 3:12
  8. Not A Shot 3:19
  9. Queen of Catastrophe 3:40
  10. Red Eyed Romance 3:04
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Stars in Stereo are: Bec Hollcraft: Lead vocals, Jordan McGraw: Guitar, Justin Siegel: Bass, Ryan “Frogs” McCormack: Guitar, Drew Langan: Drums.

Proving to be unstoppable L.A. based Stars in Stereo have been enjoying a summer of relentless touring as they criss-cross the county winning over legions of new fans. The band shows no sign of slowing down as they gear up for September dates with The Used and an October trek with Blue October in anticipation of their self-titled debut album coming later this year.

The band has been touring nonstop all year with bands like The Used, Foxy Shazam and Hoobastank to get their insatiable music out to the masses. “Raw, sexy, and talented is...

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Клип Stars In Stereo - The Broken

The Broken

Клип Stars In Stereo - Dream On (Aerosmith Cover)

Dream On (Aerosmith Cover)

Клип Stars In Stereo - All Together

All Together

Клип Stars In Stereo - Every Last Thing

Every Last Thing

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