Stan Kolev

  1. Tangra 5:02
  2. Katara
  3. The Best Is Yet To Come
  4. Paradox 6:42
  5. Good Vibrations 6:39
  6. Rhodope 3:51
  7. Mauve
  8. Shana (Vocal Mix)
  9. Gobsmacked (Original Mix)
  10. Arpeggios 7:18
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Stan started playing drums at the age of five, and by the time he was fifteen, he was already playing in progressive rock bands. Moving to Miami from Bulgaria in 1991, Stan began djing in 1996 at Miami's best clubs - The Living Room, Opium, and Prive becoming a pioneer in today's South Beach Sound. As the mastermind behind projects such as Casa Flava, Casa Mecca, The Deep, The Riders, Sonic Vibe, Casa Bulga, and Future Mode, Stan has released his original work on Plastic Fantastic, Plastica, Rise, Manana, Tone Control, SFP, Deep Touch, Sosound, Readymix and Dutchie and done remixes for Soma, Atlantic, SFP and Dutchie, to name a few. As one of the highest selling artists on Beatp...

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