1. Я не любил ее. 2:48
  2. &
  3. Et sans toi
  4. Gilalah
  5. Hermanitos
  6. Kisah Dongeng
  7. Little Brothers
  8. Pakai Buang
  9. Pelangi Senja
  10. small games
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Stacy is a project has been created in 2008 by company Amber Production. The idea of the project to amaze spectators with a pleasant vocal, good music and is final a dazzling smile of the singer! Light blue eyes, and storm of positive emotions which so are necessary to our world! Full of a drive, full of passion and a self-trust. She is ready to win! The new project of company Amber production. Opening for people of different age. The new Music, the New image and a kind smile from singer Stacy Introducing Stacy, a promising new musical discovery of the Finnish production company Amber Production, featuring world-class producers Kim Kuusi, Kari Hynninen, Kare Hellen and others. The Stacy p...

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Клип Stacy - Я не любил ее.

Я не любил ее.

Клип Stacy - Little Brothers

Little Brothers

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