St. Lola In The Fields

  1. Hold Me 4:28
  2. Unless
  3. Don't Say
  4. He's in Love 3:27
  5. Go Don't Go
  6. Sunny
  7. Waking Up With You
  8. Yes I Do
  9. Fly
  10. Go Don't Go
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St. Lola in the Fields (a.k.a St. Lola) is a two-person band based in Nashville, TN, USA. Band members include singer/songwriter/musician/author, Cindy Morgan Brouwer, and songwriter/producer/engineer/musician, Jeremy Bose. St. Lola was birthed out of the need for both artists to have a venue to release their own penned songs that may have been viewed as having little commercial potential for other artists. The band members have together written over 20 number one songs, and have written songs for other artists, including Uncle Kracker and Clay Aiken, among others.

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Клип St. Lola In The Fields - Hold Me

Hold Me

Клип St. Lola In The Fields - Unless


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