1. Mary 4:04
  2. Talking Like I'm Falling Down St
  3. Animals
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Jealousy 4:36
  6. Kiss Of Death
  7. Morning Light
  8. Talking Like I'm Falling Down Stairs 4:07
  9. The Great Impression 2:34
  10. Too Much To Do
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Sparkadia is the project of alternative pop musician Alexander Burnett. Originally a band, Sparkadia formed in Sydney, Australia, in 2004. It became Burnett's solo project in 2009.

The band formed in Sydney in 2004 and were originally known as The Spark. The brainchild of Alexander Burnett (vocals, guitar) and Dave Hall (drums), Sparkadia became a reality with the addition of Nick Rabone (bass) and Josephine Ayling (keyboards, guitar, vocals) in 2006.

They first came into prominence in Australia with their debut EP titled Things Behind the Sun. The EP was released in Australia on 20 February 2007; with the lead single "Morning Light" being the No. 1 most downloa...

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Клип Sparkadia - Mary


Клип Sparkadia - Talking Like I'm Falling Down St

Talking Like I'm Falling Down St

Клип Sparkadia - Animals


Клип Sparkadia - Jealousy


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