1. Everyone'S A DJ - Paolo Ortelli vs Degree Edit
  2. Chupa Rico - Paolo Ortelli vs De
  3. Sex On The Beach @ radiorecord.
  4. Everyone's a Dj 3:30
  5. Pelo Pelo - Da Brozz Remix Edit
  6. Sex On The Beach - Paolo Ortelli vs Degree Reloa
  7. Sex On The Beach - Paolo Ortelli vs Degree Reloa
  8. Everyone's a DJ (Radio Edit)
  9. Everyone's A DJ (Paolo Ortelli vs Degree Mix)
  10. Sex On The Beach - Simon De Jano Half Edit Reloaded
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Paolo Ortelli & Luca De Gregorio (Luke Degree)
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SPANKERS is a dance music project formed in 2009 by the italian djs/producers Paolo Ortelli and Luca De Gregorio (Luke Degree).
Three singles released so far, “Sex on the beach“, “Chupa rico” and “Everyone’s a DJ” . More than 80 licence deals signed on the three singles, more than 50 chart scores worldwide. “Sex on the beach” #1 in Japan, Czech Republic, Israel and South Korea achieved more than 10 synch deals including CSI Miami, Jersey shore and The Australian movie “The kings of Mykonos – Wog Boy 2″.
The video for “Everyone’s a DJ” achieved more than 1,5 million views o...

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