Son Of Kick

  1. Hours (feat. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey) 2:56
  2. From Here (feat. RQM) 5:00
  3. Revolution A 3:42
  4. Playing The Villian - Original Mix 3:56
  5. Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier) 5:32
  6. Bad Groove feat. Jaggae & Two Tokez - Kick Flip Remix 6:37
  7. GITIT 2:25
  8. Guacha Rekix
  9. Hours - Marshall F Remix
  10. Playing The Villain 3:56
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Based in London, DJ and multi instrumentalist Son Of Kick is gaining a reputation from Berlin to Brooklyn for his bumping, super charged set, which is a bass-feast of heavy electro and dubstep. SOK has played on festivals and in clubs such as Gilles Peterson Worldwide Festival, the O2 Wireless or at Yoyo at Notting Hill Arts Club, to name a few. He has been co-producing alongside the French DJ/producer Simbad a new album for their collective project with Grems & Disiz La Peste (Rouge A Levre) as well as ongoing tracks with MikaMiki & Foreign Beggars. Son Of Kick’s sound has already been picked-up by various labels including recording tracks for the Stanton Warrior’s imprint, Beats...

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Клип Son Of Kick - Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier)

Guacha (feat. Natalia Clavier)

Клип Son Of Kick - Guacha Rekix

Guacha Rekix

Клип Son Of Kick - Playing The Villain

Playing The Villain

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