Solid State Logic

  1. Laid Below 4:39
  2. Meant to Be 3:25
  3. My Disease 3:29
  4. Affliction 4:39
  5. Mistaken 3:49
  6. Burning Out 3:39
  7. Down Inside 4:15
  8. No Direction 3:30
  9. On My Own 3:56
  10. Shades of Grey 4:04
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Solid State Logic (SSL) was formed in San Francisco, CA. Pulling from many influences and personalities, the band developed a heavy rock sound that quickly gained attention. Early on, producer Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool) contacted SSL to work on a full-length release. Soon after preliminary discussions, the band signed a deal with Sylvia’s new label, National Recorder Records. SSL completed and released their debut CD, titled “Disarray” in 2006. Disarray would then go to sell over 10 thousand copies over the next couple of years while the band toured with such acts as Adema, VAST, The Prom Kings and others.

In 2008, SSL began working on new songs at Jay Baumgardner’s NRG R...

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Клип Solid State Logic - Affliction


Клип Solid State Logic - On My Own

On My Own

Клип Solid State Logic - Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

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