Soft Kill

  1. Whirl 6:07
  2. Death in the Family 2:46
  3. Be Alone 3:45
  4. Selfish Love 4:32
  5. Wake Up 5:28
  6. Pretty Face 2:52
  7. Save Me (XXXTentacion cover) 2:33
  8. From This Point On 3:52
  9. Sea of Doubt 3:29
  10. Borders Comfort 4:39
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SOFT KILL is the not so new anymore post punk brainchild of Tobias Grave (BLESSURE GRAVE). In fall 2010, the project started demoing their first tracks which already showed their shared devotion to goth pop and post punk acts of the early 80’s. Indeed, the band’s debut full-length, “An Open Door”, is haunted by the ghosts of The Cure, Killing Joke and Magazine. In the seething restraint of “Borders Comfort” full of skittering single-note guitar runs, one hears the echoes of Joy Division’s propulsive dirges, while the new wave bounce of “Sea Of Doubt” is an heir to such art-damaged synth pop as Wire’s classic “154”.

SOFT KILL clearly revere these inspirations, but their music - a st...

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Клип Soft Kill - Whirl


Клип Soft Kill - Be Alone

Be Alone

Клип Soft Kill - Pretty Face

Pretty Face

Клип Soft Kill - Sea of Doubt

Sea of Doubt

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