1. FIRETRUCK! 1:59
  2. The Legend of Zelda Rap 2:59
  3. Ac3 (Killa Remix)
  4. Pokemon Theme Song Revenge 3:15
  5. Boxman 2.0 2:43
  6. Dixon Cider 3:20
  7. Happy Cow 4:31
  8. Meat In Your Mouth 1:30
  9. Milky Milkshake 1:49
  10. My Fanny Pack
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Lighthearted music created by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of Smosh. Ever since the song "We're Gangstaz" Anthony and Ian have continued in making music along with videos posted on YouTube and Smosh music is available for download on their website at or on their music Myspace page at

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Клип Smosh - FIRETRUCK!


Клип Smosh - The Legend of Zelda Rap

The Legend of Zelda Rap

Клип Smosh - Pokemon Theme Song Revenge

Pokemon Theme Song Revenge

Клип Smosh - Boxman 2.0

Boxman 2.0

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