Sleep Museum

  1. Butterfly 4:13
  2. Heroes 4:39
  3. A Show Of Hands
  4. Foregone
  5. Nepal
  6. Porcelain
  7. Underground Maneuvers
  8. We Who Are
  9. stress 3:04
  10. What Is That?
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Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2005, Sleep Museum harbors a range of styles within its body, much as a parasite infects a wound. Sleep Museum performs live on occasion, when the darker surfaces align and the auguries predict strife in the land.
Mark Solotroff of BloodLust! Records says: "This is true minimal-synth music, but probably not the type of thing that most people would think of. This is not M.B.-style synth-drone, or other noise and industrial peripherals like that. Sleep Museum is a New York-based project that specializes in rhythmic, darkly melodic synth music, which feels utterly contemporary, yet also reminiscent of certain early-1980s 'cold' music, or e...

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