1. On A Beautiful Day 4:16
  2. Worth It 3:55
  3. Intro 1:28
  4. Black and White
  5. Oompa 3:36
  6. Troubles 3:44
  7. 5 Past 9 4:07
  8. Coming Up Roses
  9. Failure 4:54
  10. Morning Light 4:28
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Skinny was a band from London, which released two albums over a course of four years. Their most successful song, "Failure", was included on both albums.
In 1996, drummer and programmer Matthew Benbrook and guitarist/singer Paul Herman first met in India, where they discovered they shared similar interests. After another coincidental encounter in London and finding out that both of them were musicians, they decided to start a band together. They were signed to Rollo Armstrong's label, Cheeky Records, in 1998.

The band split up in 2001, leaving the name with Benbrook who continues to make music under it

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Клип Skinny - Worth It

Worth It

Клип Skinny - Failure


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