1. Deviate 4:24
  2. Breathe 5:05
  3. Smile 14:50
  4. Horizon (ft. Nilu) 5:09
  5. Fracture
  6. Good Time 3:52
  7. A Withdrawal of Salvation
  8. Alone
  9. Horizon
  10. Nanox - MitiS Remix
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A three-piece band from Colorado, SINGULARITY have dispensed nearly all their RUSH influences in favor of an extremely classy and spacey symphonic rock. They are one of the greatest USA underground progrock talents. The music and lyrics reflect the band's diverses influences, which include RUSH, MARILLION, SPOCK'S BEARD, GENESIS, and many others.

SINGULARITY's debut CD is resolutely inspired by some RUSH epic songs, combining several music aspects in the vein of RUSH and a few bunches of MARIILION tune at times. A must-buy for fans of "Moving Pictures", "Signals", and "Power Windows". Even better, "Between Sunlight and Shadow" i...

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Клип Singularity - Horizon


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