Simon Dawes

  1. Scared Of Myself 4:54
  2. All Her Crooked Ways
  3. Be There Right Now
  4. Behind The Bleachers
  5. Every Single Time
  6. Execution Song
  7. Got A Light?
  8. Salute the Institution
  9. Save Your Ticket
  10. The Awful Things
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Simon Dawes was a rock band originally from Malibu, California. The band was signed with Record Collection and released their debut full-length, Carnivore, in September 2006. They have two previously released EPs. Blake Mills (guitar) left the band shortly after Carnivore's release. The band's current incarnation is Dawes.

The band was composed of four friends. Its founding members Taylor Goldsmith (vocals, guitar, keys, lyrics) and Blake Mills (vocals, guitar, and lyrics) began playing music together in junior high at Malibu High School, and their middle names formed the band name. Their sound evolved and they became Simon Dawes with the addition of Wylie ...

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Клип Simon Dawes - Scared Of Myself

Scared Of Myself

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