1. Across The Rubicon 2:19
  2. Empty places 4:05
  3. Grendel Memories 5:42
  4. March of Peace 5:36
  5. Breathe 11:32
  6. Anybody 11:22
  7. Can't Wait to Find Love 3:44
  8. Highlife - Original Mix
  9. Nothing 4:22
  10. Can't Keep Up 3:42
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The genesis of the band was Jos Uffing responding to an ad from Brian de Graeve in 2001. Brian was looking for a drummer & singer for his band. By the time Jos called though, the band had already broken up. But during the phone call, they found that they had a shared taste related to music. So they kept in touch , working on their own songs & sharing them with each other from time to time.
By 2004, they came to a point where they felt they were ready to get a band going to complete their songs. Brian quickly filled out the group using his connections in the local music scene. Bass guitar player GJ Bloemink; keyboardist Toine van Riesewijk and guitar player Henny van Veenenda...

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