Silent Servant

  1. A Path Eternal
  2. Demonstration
  3. Dissociation
  4. Invocation of Lust
  5. Process
  6. Temptation & Desire
  7. Moral Divide
  8. The Strange Attractor
  9. Utopian Disaster
  10. Discipline
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No time has been wasted in the wake of Sandwell District’s 2011 demise. Along with Regis and James Ruskin, Silent Servant founded the Jealous God label. In it’s short existence, they have already cut-up and reinterpreted many of the conventions of the techno world, forging a unique identity in the process. With it’s highly conceptual aesthetic and relentless dedication to experiment, Jealous God is a flag-bearer for the contemporary electronic avant-garde and a loyal ally to all mutant experimentalists.

While insincerity remains the safety of many, Silent Servant’s own productions are brutally honest and resolute, rendering irrelevant those mongering for light. Deeply pensive and f...

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