Silent Season

  1. Victim 3:34
  2. Breaking Me Down 2:54
  3. Stars 3:40
  4. If You Lead Me On 4:04
  5. Believe 3:47
  6. Holding On 3:30
  7. Prisoner 3:42
  8. Without You 3:40
  9. The Negative 4:16
  10. Chance 3:06
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Silent Season originated in early 2008, with members from former local Boston-based bands. Since the beginning, they have dedicated their time to writing and performing songs that deliver emotion and edge. Combined members have opened up for many nationals such as Disturbed, Taproot, Jet Black Stare, Black Market Hero (40 Below Summer/Flaw), 10 Years, Dope, Skindred, Trigger Point, Adema, Nonpoint, and Ill Nino to name a few. Today, Silent Season is working towards providing their fans with the best music possible. Keep an eye on Silent Season for future tour dates in the U.S.

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Клип Silent Season - Victim


Клип Silent Season - Breaking Me Down

Breaking Me Down

Клип Silent Season - Stars


Клип Silent Season - If You Lead Me On

If You Lead Me On

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