1. If These Walls Could Talk 1:03
  2. The Unholy
  3. Basket Case
  4. 9 Millametta 5:03
  5. Back Door 1:20
  6. Bitch Be A Hoe 3:06
  7. City Of Sac
  8. Dead 4 Life 4:26
  9. High Off Murder
  10. Momma Crack
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Maxmillian Levec Kunitz (born June 27, 1970), known as Sicx is an American rapper and convicted child molester from Sacramento, California. Sicx is currently incarcerated following convictions of sex offenses against children.

Musical career

Sicx began rapping in 1987 under the name Strobe-Lite. He was a member of the "Street Talk Crew" along with his brother Brotha Lynch Hung. Sicx has released two solo albums, Dead 4 Life (1995) and If These Walls Could Talk (1998). He collaborated with Brotha Lynch Hung on the album Nigga Deep, which was released in 1992 and re-released in 1998.

Criminal charges and convictions

Sicx and his girlfriend Aniva...

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Клип Sicx - Dead 4 Life

Dead 4 Life

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