Siamese Fighting Fish

  1. Tomorrow Never Dies 3:55
  2. A Liar Cried Wolf 4:47
  3. Vilo Moja 3:38
  4. The Day Me and My Friend Quit Diet Coke 4:40
  5. H.A.U.T 3:27
  6. Party Like Charlie Sheen 3:04
  7. Crap Is the New Black 3:28
  8. Give in 4:39
  9. Yes, Say No 4:25
  10. How Long Will It Take 5:15
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Having witnessed this band for a few years now, and growing slowly and steadily from reluctant listener to ardent follower, Siamese Fighting Fish's debut LP "We Are The Sound" eventually became one of my most expected releases for this new year. This could make some expect for its review to degenerate into a biased display of favouritism, and you all are allowed your opinions, but the way I look at it however, is that few people will likely have had as high expectations for this record as I have - And having that in mind, the bar for "We Are The Sound" is actually set quite high. This is all irrelevant to the world at large though. To them, SIFIFI is likely a band...

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Клип Siamese Fighting Fish - A Liar Cried Wolf

A Liar Cried Wolf

Клип Siamese Fighting Fish - Vilo Moja

Vilo Moja

Клип Siamese Fighting Fish - H.A.U.T


Клип Siamese Fighting Fish - Party Like Charlie Sheen

Party Like Charlie Sheen

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