Short Dawg

  1. Gettin Cash Era (feat. MC Beezy)
  2. Too Excited
  3. Rollin Wit A G
  4. Doin Me
  5. 2Hunnid
  6. Big Deal Freestyle
  7. Two White Cups (Outro)
  8. Area Code 3:57
  9. Dopeboyz & Strippaz (feat. Cik)
  10. Two White Cups (Outro) (feat. Gudda Gudda)
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A rap artist best known as Short Dawg was born and raised in the Sunnyside area of Houston, TX. Short was influenced early by the ways of street life and initially, did not have a strong interest in a rap career. However, once his older brother Blumega heard his witty freestyling ability, he urged Short to consider taking it more seriously.

Short Dawg eventually dropped out of school at Texas A&M University and relocated to Atlanta, GA to focus more on his music. Soon after, Short Dawg was discovered by Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons and signed to Russell Simmons Music Group (RSMG). An attempt at a joint venture between RSMG and Def Jam Records didn’t work out, which resulted in ...

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