1. W Meen Ekhtar 4:31
  2. Sabri Aleel 4:44
  3. Kalam 2:39
  4. Koly Melkak
  5. Just A Dream With Nelli
  6. Be Kelma Mennak 4:17
  7. Ah Ya Leil
  8. Ya Layali 5:00
  9. Shaghel Baly Hawak (feat. Asalah) (Live)
  10. Garh Tani 4:21
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Sherine (Arabic: شيرين‎, born Sherine Abdel Wahhab; also credited as Sherine Ahmed, though it is not her real name; October 10, 1980) is an Egyptian singer and actress from Egypt, Cairo. Sherine began her career with the single Ah Ya Leil in 2002, and has since released several albums that include 2 EPs and 3 LPs.

Sherine was born on October 10th, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt. She grew up next to the Citadel in a very modest and simple neighborhood. Though she wasn't technically poor or living in poverty, her lifestyle was far from luxurious. Since her early beginnings she developed a strong inclination and passion towards singing. She cites artists like Warda and Samira Saeed to be he...

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Клип Sherine - Kalam


Клип Sherine - Koly Melkak

Koly Melkak

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