Sheridan Tongue

  1. Into the Universe 4:34
  2. Adventures in the 4th Dimension 3:39
  3. Be Wary of Little Green Men 3:42
  4. The Mad Scientist Paradox 6:05
  5. A Star Must Die 1:43
  6. Connected
  7. Death Of A Planet
  8. Invisible Light
  9. Ripples of Promise 1:37
  10. Symphony Of Light
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Sheridan Tongue is a BAFTA-nominated British television and film music composer. He has written and produced music for many television shows including the BBC's Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of the Solar System, Silent Witness (Series 9 - 13) and Spooks (Series 3), the score for which achieved a BAFTA Television Craft nomination for Best Original Television Music; he has also engineered records for artists such as Blur, Beverly Knight and The Verve.

After graduating in 1989 with a BMus in Music and Sound Recording from the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey,Tongue spent several years working in many commercial studios around London as a programmer, engineer and...

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