Shaw Blades все треки

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Слушать песни Shaw Blades

  1. California Dreamin´ 2:43
  2. The Sound Of Silence
  3. Summer Breeze
  4. For What It’s Worth
  5. Day Tripper
  6. California Dreamin' 2:44
  7. I Am A Rock
  8. Lucky Man
  9. Time Of The Season
  10. Your Move
  11. Dirty Work
  12. My Hallucination 4:43
  13. Dance With me
  14. The End
  15. On A Carousel
  16. I'll Alway Be With You
  17. Come to Be My Friend
  18. Don't Talk to Me Anymore
  19. I Stumble In
  20. Blue Continental
  21. Down That Highway
  22. How You Gonna Get Used to This
  23. The Night Goes On
  24. I Can't Live Without You
  25. High Enough (acoustic)
  26. For What Its Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
  27. Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)
  28. I'll Alway Be With You (Album Version)
  29. For What It's Worth