Shaun Baker

  1. Hey Hi Hello 3:34
  2. V.I.P. 3:24
  3. Give the sun a reason to smile 3:14
  4. Give! 3:37
  5. Could You, Would You, Should You 3:47
  6. Power 3:44
  7. Push 3:24
  8. Frontline 3:48
  9. Explode 3:32
  10. Bakerman 3:12
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Shaun Baker is a DJ from the north of England but has for over 20 years been based in Germany. He has been playing the worldwide club scene over 20 years. Together with his friend and partner Sebastian Wolter he also produces music. This musical partnership has over the past few years given the dance scene some great tracks to dance to, for example "Xplode 2" which hit the number 1 position in every German dance chart

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Клип Shaun Baker - Hey Hi Hello

Hey Hi Hello

Клип Shaun Baker - V.I.P.


Клип Shaun Baker - Give!


Клип Shaun Baker - Frontline


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