1. Let The Music Play 3:35
  2. Electric Slide 4:15
  3. S.H.A.N.N.O.N (interlude)
  4. Why Why 2:47
  5. Do You Wanna Get Away 5:00
  6. Give Me Tonight 3:53
  7. Sweet Somebody 5:05
  8. The foggy dew 5:58
  9. Trimartolod
  10. Daybreak Rain 3:26
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1) ShannoN - Hard Rock band from France.

Olivier Del Valle - vocals
Patrice Louis - guitars
Nicolas Fixy - bass
Benjamin Bergerolle - drums
Thierry Dagnicourt - keyboards

Formed in the beginning of 1998 by Patrice LOUIS (Guitar) and Thierry DAGNICOURT (Keyboards), SHANNON plays a melodic hard rock that sticks to the skin. During the spring of 1998, the band enroles ex-JANNYLEE's singer Olivier DEL VALLE behind the mike, then Claude THILL (ex-DER KAISER) playing bass and Maxence PILO (ex-HEAVENLY) at the drum kit join the band to finally complete the line-up. Their debut and eponymous album released in November 2003 on the Anvilcorp. la...

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Клип Shannon - Let The Music Play

Let The Music Play

Клип Shannon - Why Why

Why Why

Клип Shannon - Do You Wanna Get Away

Do You Wanna Get Away

Клип Shannon - Give Me Tonight

Give Me Tonight

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