1. Ding 3:25
  2. Music Monks 3:11
  3. Eliptical Twilight
  4. Revolution
  5. Like A Boss - Original Mix
  6. Stand Up
  7. Release 3:05
  8. 900 Ghosts
  9. Codex Bast
  10. Entropic Appetites
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Seed is a hard rock band from Memphis, TN. The name Seed comes from the idea of a new beginning and taking something from the start and growing it to its full potential. Formed in late 2011, Seed is composed of Jacob Harlan, Mike Lovelace Jr, Steve Hatmaker, Jeff Gaubert, and Donald Price. With a collective 40 years of experience and playing countless shows with national acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, Saving Abel, Saliva, Papa Roach, and Evans Blue, there is no doubt that the band knows how to bring a high-energy rock show.

With plans to release their first 3-song EP in the near future, Seed released their debut single “Stand Up” recently to a very positive response. “Stand Up” has...

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Клип Seed - Music Monks

Music Monks

Клип Seed - Revolution


Клип Seed - Stand Up

Stand Up

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