Sea Wolf

  1. You're A Wolf 3:35
  2. Wicked Blood 4:27
  3. Whirlpool 4:46
  4. Black Dirt 3:45
  5. Spirit Horse 3:53
  6. Old Friend 3:57
  7. Young Bodies 3:29
  8. Kasper 3:35
  9. The Violet Hour 3:32
  10. Black Leaf Falls 3:29
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Sea Wolf is a band led by Alex Brown Church, an indie rock musician based in Los Angeles, California. Church attended film school at NYU and was a founding member of a group called Irving in 1998. Many of the songs he wrote as a member of Irving didn't fit the group's style, and so Church began performing as Sea Wolf with a rotating ensemble of backing musicians, playing locally in Los Angeles and recording demos in Seattle with producer Phil Ek (Band of Horses, The Shins, Fleet Foxes). Sea Wolf signed to Dangerbird Records in 2007 and released the Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low EP and a full-length titled Leaves In The River . The latter hit No. 24 on the Billboard Hea...

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Клип Sea Wolf - You're A Wolf

You're A Wolf

Клип Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood

Wicked Blood

Клип Sea Wolf - Whirlpool


Клип Sea Wolf - Black Dirt

Black Dirt

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