Scott Dunbar

  1. One Man Band 2:45
  2. Tinfoil Hat 3:06
  3. The River 6:26
  4. Rocking Chair 4:08
  5. Who Been Foolin' You 2:46
  6. Foolish 2:20
  7. Budjav Lebac 2:44
  8. Fistful of Sand 5:41
  9. Who I Am 5:05
  10. Wicked Game 1:54
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Scott is a singer, songwriter and one man band extraordinaire from Prince George, BC who is now living in Montreal. Like anyone he's trying to figure out what its all about. When he finds out he'll let you know by stomping out songs about it with as much fire as he can muster. Right now he's in Montreal busking at the Berri Uquam and Mont-Royal Metro stations most days and looking for cool gigs and other musicians to leech off of when not reading about how well and truly music can save all our souls…(Checkout The Mozart Effect and other books by Don Campbell…) as well as getting into plenty of trouble like most other humans. A NOTE ON MY "CRAPPY" RECOR...

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Клип Scott Dunbar - One Man Band

One Man Band

Клип Scott Dunbar - Tinfoil Hat

Tinfoil Hat

Клип Scott Dunbar - The River

The River

Клип Scott Dunbar - Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

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