Scarlet Embrace

  1. The Obscure Hermetics 4:16
  2. King of Wonders
  3. О мои Боги
  4. Earth's Sigh 4:45
  5. Blood-tied Rose
  6. Talio...
  7. Burning One
  8. In the Name of Fathers 5:54
  9. Ancient Tales...
  10. Three Coasts
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The "Scarlet Embrace" project was founded in 2009 in Odessa, Ukraine and was bassed on common ideas of drummer Eugen Kulikovskiy and guitarist Stas Prokopenko.
As time passed, vocalist Roman Sukhonos, bassist Kirill Grinevich and keyboardist H. Shershun have joined the foundation.
Our band has combined various musical visions into one core, that's how the title "Scarlet Embrace" was arose, discribing aggressivness of modern progressive music
and furious beauty of sincere symphonic composition. During writing the material and performing on stage we've met a lot of talented musicians,
particularly with an outstanding sound engineer, musican...

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Клип Scarlet Embrace - The Obscure Hermetics

The Obscure Hermetics

Клип Scarlet Embrace - Blood-tied Rose

Blood-tied Rose

Клип Scarlet Embrace - Burning One

Burning One

Клип Scarlet Embrace - Three Coasts

Three Coasts

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