Saint Rider

  1. Silence (feat. Leeor) (Saint Rider Perfect Shift Remix)
  2. Anything, Everything (Saint Rider Perfect Shift Remix)
  3. Chop Up 5:14
  4. Right Place, Right Time feat. Ju
  5. Silence feat. Aubrey
  6. Coming Back - VIP
  7. New Acid - Original Mix
  8. Party On 3:00
  9. Shiva 4:58
  10. Wake Up - Original Mix
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Alexander Baras was born on April 1986 in Moscow, Russia. His first talent for music appeared in the early childhood, when at the age of 11, inspired by The Prodigy band, he realized what he wanted to do in life. He made his first creative steps in music while playing in MUSIC 2000 on PlayStation. Then he started to experiment with a program ACID on his first PC developing tracks with broken rhythms and oriental melodies. Today Moscow public knows this young gentleman as DJ and producer SAINT RIDER.

But fame came not at once. After passing through «electronic jungles», studying a wide range of different sounds and getting experienced with it, he made his first successful steps in 2...

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Клип Saint Rider - Chop Up

Chop Up

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