Saint Motel

  1. Move 3:07
  2. My Type 3:26
  3. Ace in the Hole 3:46
  4. 1997 4:17
  5. Dear Dictator 3:56
  6. At Least I Have Nothing 3:54
  7. Benny Goodman 3:38
  8. Cold Cold Man 3:50
  9. Feed Me Now 4:22
  10. Midnight Movies
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"Saint Motel makes chic and sprightly music with hints of ironic malevolence. On “Voyeur,” the group’s first full-length release, the guitars clang briskly while the vocals ascend from high tenor to outright falsetto. Sometimes, a sample, shout or horn-section riff will enter to bounce an already airborne song even higher.

The band members have a strong sense of style: The way singer-guitarist A/J Jackson and his cohorts inject Caribbean lilts, stomping beats and lounge-jazz licks into giddy power-pop suggests that they’ve carefully studied the Undertones’ brilliant 1981 album, “Positive Touch.” Saint Motel is wise to highlight its cunning arrangements and breathless execution....

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Клип Saint Motel - My Type

My Type

Клип Saint Motel - Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole

Клип Saint Motel - 1997


Клип Saint Motel - Dear Dictator

Dear Dictator

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