1. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
  2. Shake 'em Loose Tonight
  3. Trickle Charge 2:21
  4. Goldmine
  5. I Run Amiss
  6. In The Jungle
  7. Musical Chairs
  8. Of Wasted Youth
  9. Queer Eyed Boy
  10. Shak'em Loose Tonight 3:42
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Rumspringa is a rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band's name was inspired by the Amish rite of passage, Rumspringa, and the rhetorical rebirth and exploration it represents. Rumspringa formed in 2006 as a duo with Joey Stevens on guitar/vocals and Itaru De la Vega on drums. Starting in 2010 the duo shifted over to a full band with three new musicians, including a new drummer. They are Ricardo Robles on bass, Cecilia Della Peruti on guitar & back up vocals, and Andrew Parker on drums & back up vocals.

- Rumspringa EP (2008)
- Sway (2010) Available on iTunes

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Клип Rumspringa - Can't Seem To Make You Mine

Can't Seem To Make You Mine

Клип Rumspringa - Shake 'em Loose Tonight

Shake 'em Loose Tonight

Клип Rumspringa - Trickle Charge

Trickle Charge

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